Sunday, April 6, 2014

Garlic Butter Burgers

There are lots of ways to grill burgers and we’re always trying new ways to try to make ours even better. One way of preparing them is placing a slice of garlic-herbed butter within the burger - it adds awesome flavor and keeps it moist on the inside.
Garlic Butter Burgers

This really isn’t a recipe, more just a method for grilling one tasty burger.  Give it a try.

Step 1: Shape your hamburger patty and then make a depression in the center.
Step 2:  Place the slice of herb butter in the depression.
Step 3:  Mold the ground beef around the butter, sealing it well so the butter won’t seep out.  Season with salt and pepper. 
Step 4:  Grill then enjoy.

How to make garlic-herbed butter

This easy to make garlic butter recipe is perfect for your burger. Garlic butter will keep in the fridge, and can be made well in advance.

Makes 1/2 cup of Garlic-Herbed Butter

Garlic Butter


·         1 stick unsalted butter
·         3 garlic cloves, crushed and minced fine
·         1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
·         1/4 tsp. white pepper (may substitute black)
·         1/4 tsp. salt, or to taste
·         1 tbsp. fresh chopped parsley


1.       Put the butter in a bowl and leave at room temperature until it is soft enough to work. Add all the other ingredients and mix to combine thoroughly. Using a spatula scrap the butter mixture on to a square of plastic wrap. Shape into a log, and roll the mixture up in the plastic, twisting the ends.

2.       Refrigerate until firm. When ready to use, remove wrap and slice into rounds.

Happy Cooking

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