Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Make 8 Meals from 4 lbs. of Ground Beef

Most people I know are trying to figure out how to stretch an already tight grocery budget so I’e set out to bring you a few tips that may help the process a bit.

Today’s post is how I divide up my uncooked ground beef to get the most meals.
Here we go, four pounds of ground beef.

Now if I were to just cook beef right out of the package for supper, I’d likely grab two pounds of it. We’d have an awfully meaty dish, but I’d be doing good to get one or two meals out of the entire tray.

Instead, I take my tray and cut the ground beef into eight different sections like this.

Package each section into a quart sized zipper seal freezer bag.

 Flatten each bag with the heel of my hand and let squeeze out as much air as I can before sealing.

I flatten it for two reasons:
1. This takes up less space in the freezer
2. It thaws REALLY quickly when it’s all thinned out like this.

Stack all of the layers (if you want) and freeze.

Each bag now has about 1/2 pound of ground beef in it.
This will work for most ground beef recipes. If a recipe calls for more, you have two options:

1. Make the recipe with less beef
2. Use two bags of beef

Substitute 1/2 cup cooked white or brown rice for 1/2 of the beef. This works especially well in skillet meals, casseroles where beef is its own layer, and fillings such as sloppy Joes or tacos. There are tons of recipes like that at the link below!

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Happy Cooking

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