Monday, January 20, 2014

Ground Beef Popcorn

Typically beef is used as the main ingredient for a meal but when you make this ground beef popcorn you can serve it as a snack.

A Great appetizer for your next party.


·         2lbs ground beef
·         Sea salt, to taste
·         Coarse ground black pepper, to taste
·         Onion powder, to taste
·         Paprika, to taste
·         Turmeric, to taste


1.       Preheat the oven to 350°F.

2.       Add the ground beef to a large-size mixing bowl and season with a shake of each: sea salt, black pepper, onion powder, paprika and turmeric.  Combine well so the seasonings are mixed together.

3.       Spread parchment paper across the top of two large baking trays.

4.       Break the meat into bits and pieces, as small as the tip of your index finger, and scatter them on the parchment paper.

5.       Bake the trays of meat for 20-25 minutes. Toss the meat and bake for an additional 5 more minutes.

6.       Remove from the oven, transfer the ground beef popcorn to a bowl (or use as a topping for salad or mix in with another vegetable) and serve.

             Happy Cooking
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