Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Save Money Buying Ground Beef

Ground beef is so versatile and the basic ingredient of many inexpensive meals. Here is a quick tip to save money buying ground beef.

I have been shocked at how expensive ground beef has been lately. But I found a way around the higher prices! At my supermarket, ground beef is $2.69 per pound. So a 4 pound pack is $10.76. BUT,when I go to the freezer section, a 4 pound box of frozen hamburger patties is only $6.99 for the box.

I buy the box of patties, and then at home I thaw out 4 patties. When they are thawed, you can cook them just like you would a pound of ground beef. You can mix them together with herbs to make an easy casserole , you can break the meat up for hamburger helper, or just cook them as burgers.

Using this tip saves a lot of money.
I saved $3.77 for 4 pounds of ground beef, or $0.94 per pound!

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