Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Big Cheese

I started with a half-pound patty stuffed with feta cheese. I added grilled tabouli salad on top to the cooked patty and topped with melted provolone and cheddar cheese. All it needed was a little fresh hummus on the bun and it became The Big Cheese!


·         2 lb. ground beef
·         ¼ c diced onions
·         1 T dried mint
·         1 T fresh chopped garlic
·         2 t salt
·         1 t black pepper
·         ½ lb. feta cheese, crumbled
·         16 oz. tabouli salad
·         8 oz. hummus
·         4 ea. toasted buns
·         ½ lb. provolone cheese, sliced
·         ¼ lb. cheddar cheese, grate


1.       Combine the first six ingredients and mix well.

2.       Divide into eight equal parts and press into patties.

3.       On top of four of the patties, add feta cheese crumbles to the middle and top with the four remaining patties pressed together.

4.       Place patties on grill; cook until done.

5.       While patties are cooking, grill tabouli salad and hummus on flat grill.

6.       Spread the warm hummus on the bottom of toasted bun. Place the grilled tabouli salad on top of the cooked patty, cover with a slice of provolone cheese and sprinkle grated cheddar on top. Cover with a lid to steam and melt all of the goodness together. Place on hot hummus and top with bun.

Happy Cooking

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